Family owned and operated digital design company

Katie Joyner is a mother of two and graphic designer with years of experience with photoshop, illustration, and other name brand graphic editing software. She is currently a stay at home mom and creates digital designs in her spare time to generate extra money for the family. James Joyner is an information technology professional in the field of virtualization and service development. Together they form Foxy Expressions. Katie and James have been married for 8+ years and have two beautiful kids together, ages 6 and 8. Katie Joyner creates and handcrafts all digital designs usual graphic edit/design software. Many of the designs are completely original ideas, but all designs are recreated starting with no digital content. Katie Joyner creates all content using the design software and a mix of mouse and stylus. This brings a fully unique aspect to all her work that can only be found in her art designs at Foxy Expressions.

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